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I offer life castings of women's intimate areas. I also work with women who are pre mastectomy and post mastectomy. I cast in both plaster and glass, depending on the look the client wants. It is done in the privacy of my studio, or I can travel to you if necessary. I worked on a project casting vulvas for about 2 years, and the story of it is below. Please contact me if you are interested and want more information on having your life casting done.

So many women and girls have negative perceptions of their bodies; this is both destructive and very unhealthy and can result in a damaged sense of self, poor self-esteem, and shame. We grow up comparing ourselves to and being compared to photo altered ideals. Our societal ideals have created females who feel bad about themselves. These body image issues can include weight, breast size, prettiness, and the unspoken of vulva. While men tend to be proud of and talk openly about their penis’s, the majority of women feel shame or in the very least insecurity about their vulvas.

I came to the realization several years ago that so many women that I knew, respected, and loved felt shame in regards to their vulvas. Some couldn’t even discuss it, because they had been raised that it was taboo to do so, like a dirty little secret. Because of this secrecy and shame, most women have grown up to feel like their vulva was different, gross even. Because it was taboo, they didn’t talk about it. The average woman has never even seen another woman’s vulva, and those who have might have only seen photo-altered versions. 

I decided to embark on this emotionally complex and possibly controversial series, and cast women’s lady parts in glass. Research showed me that there was an artist in Australia who was working on a series called the Wall of Vagina, but no one had cast in glass. When I started taking the molds of women, I discovered that it empowered them! They felt beautiful and so proud of themselves. I had a well received 6 month long show at the Institute of Sexology in San Antonio, Texas. I now have a permanent display of vulvas at the Institute.

I hope that my work empowers women and inspires them to feel good about themselves and to embrace their lady parts and let go of the negative connotations that they may have about themselves. No more shame. Just like no two flowers are the same, no two vulvas are the same, but there is beauty in each one.

 If you are interested in being cast please contact me. I offer casting in both glass and plaster.

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